Career Coaching Xs and Os

mark anthony peterson

Career Coaching Xs and Os
13 MIN2019 MAR. 7
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In this episode, I discuss the five (5) steps to managing a personal crisis at work. These steps are critical to developing your Personal Crisis Plan. Most experts will tell you that you should keep your personal business separate from your work business. This is great advice, but it is not practical. Inevitably, you will have a personal crisis that will impact your ability to do your job. If you follow the steps in this podcast, you will have a Personal Crisis Plan and will be ready when life’s unfortunate events disrupt your work schedule.
In this episode, I also provide five (5) tips for successfully implementing your Personal Crisis Plan. I hope you never have a personal crisis that disrupts your life or your work, but if you do, I hope this episode helps you manage your personal crisis at work.

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