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Cunnington Shift

Carrie Cunnington

Cunnington Shift
36 min2013 MAY 16
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Over the past few months, I have been sharing more about the power of The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, which is the basis for my coaching practice. This coaching philosophy not only positively changes lives, it helps people understand how to really live life. I have also mentioned that super coach Michael Neill, whose coaching practice is also based on the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, has a new book out called, "The Inside Out Revolution: The Only Thing Need to Know to Change Your Life." I just finished reading Michael's book and I wanted to share a short passage of it with you. Michael says, "Since stumbling across this revolutionary new understandingin my own life (the Three Principles), I've introduced it to thousands of people around the world and personally coached hundreds to shift their foundations, learn how to thrive, and live from the inside out. My clients and students have made positive and sometimes dramatic changes in their relationships, finances, mental and physical health, and well-being. They've become happier, more secure in themselves, and more compassionate with others. "But many of them have come face to face with challenging circumstances. Some have lost their jobs, gone bankrupt, become ill, and dealt with family crisis that bring tears to my eyes just thinking about them. Almost without fail, they have found deep reserves of resilience and creativity that have allowed them to handle these difficult circumstances with a level of ease and grace they previously never would have imagined possible. "If you were to talk with them, you would find them to be as different from one another as people can be. But from the time they had the inside-out understanding for themselves, chances are you'd notice two things they all had in common: a twinkle in their eye and a lovely feeling in their presence."Back in February, I offered a three-month coaching opportunity for two deserving souls in this Moments of Brilliance community. One of the women who received the coaching opportunity was Sarah Richardson, who is the Director of Admissions and Scholarships at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. Sarah has had some challenges in her life that many of us can't even begin to imagine. Five years ago, Sarah's father was murdered on their family farm and to this day, they still have not identified the person who committed that horrible crime. A few years later, Sarah's son was born with a congenital eye condition that left him almost blind at 8 weeks old. Sarah has certainly had her share of challenging life circumstances. However, Sarah is one of those people who, despite challenges, is full of hope, has a twinkle in her eye, and I always have a lovely feeling in her presence. She is truly an amazing woman and I am honored to feature her story with you today.In this interview with Sarah, you will hear:Her story of courage, resilience, and hopeHow she felt a deep sense of peace and understanding in the midst of her father's deathHow she handles her son's eye challenges with graceHow she deals with the "not knowing"As always, thank you for being a part of this community. Enjoy your time with Sarah Richardson!