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Cunnington Shift

Carrie Cunnington

Cunnington Shift
57 min2013 JAN 3
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When my ceiling fan spins this fast, it wobbles a little bit and that dangling, metal pull-string whips around and makes a clicking sound...it's actually a bit frenetic. Now imagine that I turn the fan off...and it spins slower and slower until it stops. The wobbling, whipping and clicking goes away. The fan is still. It's peaceful. How often do the thoughts in your mind feel like the spinning, wobbling, clicking, whipping ceiling fan? When your mind is in that state, does it sound something like this: "I have to get this done or else...I might lose a client, I might miss this opportunity, I might not get that promotion, I might be judged as a bad mom, my kids might not get onto the 'right' team or into the 'right' school, I might be judged as not being able to do it all..." Read that again, but faster. Now pile on your TO DO list, the rest of your mental chatter, and the expectations you put on yourself. It's frenetic and stressful, isn't it? It certainly is for me...but that's not when my best work or my best thinking happens. My best ideas come when I'm taking a shower, brushing my teeth, on vacation, or on a walk down by Minnehaha Creek...when my pace is slower and I'm relaxed. In those moments, the "I have to get this done or else..." moments disappear, and I'm in a state of mind where fresh, new exciting ideas flow. Now, I can't take a shower or brush my teeth all day long, so I have to find other ways to slow down my mental ceiling fan... ...Which is why every professional athlete and CEO has a coach...and so do I. My coach is Barb Patterson and I am proud to feature her as our Woman of the Week. By listening to her own wisdom and following her inner promptings, Barb has journeyed around the world and lived across the US, Africa, and in Paris.She has worked with executive leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, parents, and prisoners. Barb is accomplished and driven, and has spent much of her life with a fast-spinning mental fan. But through her own transformation, Barb has been able to slow down her mental fan and get to a grounded, peaceful, authentic place...where some pretty amazing opportunities have opened up for her. Barb used to believe transformation was about hard work and that the only way out was "through." Now Barb realizes that we are all only one thought away from profound change. New insight, new thought can happen in any moment. As you kick off 2013, a year that has the potential to full of new, wonderful ideas and opportunities, notice when your mental ceiling fan is spinning out of control. In those moments, take a few minutes to slow yourself down...your mind will follow. To listen to Barb's interview, click below!