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Dave Dawes

--2008 JUN 30
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This is the Firestarter Podcast which is the world's first podcast for social enterprises in health. This podcast is the first of a 5-part workshop on "How to create a nurse-led social enterprise in health" run by Dave Dawes from Entreprenurses Community Interest Company. If you would like to attend future versions of this free course, please click here. The podcast covers: Money is important but it isn't worth focussing all your attention on If you plan carefully, you can have a business collapse and keep your house and start a new social enterprise The fear and the risk is manageable and you get the chance to save the world Getting in touch with real quality of life For some people the risk is so great they are too afraid to make the leap Explaining the change and innovation curve: a) Innovators (about 2.5%) b) Early adopters (about 10%) c) Early majority (about 37%) d) Late majority (about 37%) e) Laggards (about 12.5%) Your first paying clients will be innovators and you should market to them through personal contact You move to early adopters through their contacts with innovators and by proving that your service works You shouldn't use mass media or traditional advertising until you are at the early majority stage There are lots of potential NHS commissioners - much more than just your local PCT You need to be careful when you are planning your escape Podcast 14 - This can be downloaded here (32 Mb) The music is "Fire Dance" by djbouly and is brought to you under a creative commons licence.