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Game-Changing Women, Presented by SAP

Bonnie D. Graham

Game-Changing Women, Presented by SAP
57 min2015 JUN 16
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The buzz: Your game. So you want to start a business? It helps to start at the very beginning, but first you need to know the steps to take and the sticking points you may encounter along the way. What do you know about seed-money and funding, business model versus business mission, engaging the right advisors and a board of directors, and building your own staff? Game-Changing Women Radio executive producer and SAP CLO Jenny Dearborn invites you to tune-in as three bold women entrepreneurs share their stories to help you figure out the possibilities and identify the pitfalls of changing your own game.The experts speak.Jane Wesman, Jane Wesman Public Relations: “If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner” (Tallulah Bankhead).Andrea Cutright, Foodily: “Building a company is for wimps, build a mission.”Molly McCoy, hrQ: “Fail fast or win big” (Bernhard Schroeder). Join us for Changing Your Game: Steps to Starting-Up on Your Own.