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I Love Mortgage Brokering
22 MIN2016 MAR 30
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Rayna got into the mortgage business thanks to a friend who thought she'd be great. She got through her first few years by working with her mentor. Rayna is moving into a new market; she's moving from Edmonton to Vancouver and needs to build her book up in her new community. She explains how she prepared to make the move, and have solid contacts, and have the wheels already turning when she lands in her new community.


  • 7 years in the industry
  • Edmonton, AB -> Coquitlam, BC
  • DLC Primex

Rayna's Quotes

  • No one is you, and that is your power.

Good Stuff

  • paper and bus advertising hasn't worked for Rayna
  • hasn't paid for any Facebook ads
  • stay top of mind with clients by: calling on the phone, friend them on Facebook, and send quarterly emails to clients

Rayna’s Tricks To Build Her Mortgage Business While Moving Cities

  • Recognize what's happening in your market
  • Plan as far ahead as you can
  • Set the stage before you move. Use social media: interact with realtors and brokers to build up your book in a new city
  • Use Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Use video posts on Facebook

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