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Learning To Live

Chaz Okada

Learning To Live
45 min2019 MAR 5
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Brian Wampler, founder/CEO of Wampler Pedals, is a well-respected innovator in the world of guitar pedals! Working with artists such as Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, and Tom Quayle, he builds guitar effects that have made a lasting impression in the industry. In addition, he also has a very successful YouTube channel, podcast, and community on social media! In Part 2 of this interview, we talk about the internet, advice for working in the music industry, and choosing a meaningful career path!Notable timestamps:00:00 — Introduction2:17 — Distinguishing the Wampler brand6:05 — The old Wampler link farm and the internet8:25 — What would you have done differently for your business?14:23 — What are you excited about for the future?16:50 — Advice for people who want to work in the music industry?20:11 — Fame: what does it entail?23:58 — Advice for finding your passion27:44 — Dealing with negative comments/feedback30:04 — Getting the right mix for live audio33:00 — Following in family footsteps vs. finding your own pathTL;DL: At 43:43, I share my thoughts and takeaways from the interview!Connect with me! (links)chazokada.comFacebookTwitterInstagramPleases share, rate, and review the podcast too :)