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Learning To Live

Chaz Okada

Learning To Live
35 min2018 DEC 9
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Episode 3 of the Learning To Live Podcast is all about aviation! With two interviews this week, we follow Captain McCasky, a passionate pilot who is now the Managing Director of Flight Training at a major airline, and Steve Butler, Maintenance Supervisor of Simulator Operations at the world's largest flight training center.  Capt. McCasky walks through his "becoming a pilot" story, and he gives advice for overcoming the many challenges in that process. Then, Steve Butler talks about falling into the flight simulator world through the Air Force, moving to United Airlines, and gives tips on becoming a simulator technician! Click here for a video/article about the simulators.00:00-1:34 — Introduction(Captain McCasky Interview)1:34-10:43 — Becoming a pilot10:43-14:29 — Overcoming challenges/advice14:29-15:41 — Resources for aspiring pilots15:41-16:54 — How to explore careers(Steve Butler Interview)16:54-18:07 — Introduction to flight simulators18:07-19:46 — Career path/Air Force19:46-24:01 — Sim systems/experience24:01-28:58 — Life at the training center28:58-32:30 — Advice and how to become a sim techTL;DL: I share my thoughts and takeaways at 32:30

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