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Catherine Turner

Leveraged Lifestyle Podcast
8 min2020 AUG 5
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Catherine looks at the ways we all compare ourselves to others - both personally and in business. It’s a part of being human but how can you use it to your advantage?

This is a great opportunity to reflect on how comparing yourself to others can be a productive process if you understand how you can learn and benefit from the comparison and move yourself and your business forward on your journey to achieve the lifestyle you want.


Everyone has their own journey and every journey is different. You can’t know all the challenges others have faced and overcome.
It’s important to realise it’s all a part of the process, the journey.
Don’t try and do everything ask yourself what will give you the best return on your investment of time and effort?
What is going to give you the lifestyle you want?
Focus your energy on the area where you are going to get the best return on your investment
Use others success as motivation, inspiration and to help you learn.
Success leaves clues, look at the journeys other have taken to success what can you learn that will help you?
We are all still growing and learning all the time.
Persevere with what you are trying to achieve.



‘There are parts of their journey that you can’t see and don’t know about’

‘The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit’

‘Most people only show the good, not the pain and the challenges they’ve been through’



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Catherine Turner


Catherine is the host of the iTunes No.1 business podcast Leveraged Lifestyle, she is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, Inspirational Speaker, world record holder, Founder of Turner Invest and a mum of 2!


Catherine quit being an employee in 2013, after working more than 50+ hours on average a week, over 3 jobs. Jobs, hours and a lifestyle which led to a diagnosis of clinical depression before the age of 25.


In 2011/12 Catherine discovered the power of investing in property, and has experience in Single Lets, Flips, Deal packaging, House of Multiple Occupation (HMOs), Serviced Accommodation and Developments mainly in her home county of Essex, but also across the UK, helping investors, landlords and developers create a better return on their money or property.


Catherine started Leveraged Lifestyle podcast to share with business owners, entrepreneurs and those not leading their ideal lifestyle, the mindset and skillset it takes to create a lifestyle of freedom & choice.


Catherine has identified 7 key areas of leverage, which we can all tap into: time, money, knowledge, talent, experience, brand, our strengths. This coupled with the SOS model created by Stephen Turner (Catherine’s business partner & husband): Systemise, Outsource & Scale, Leveraged Lifestyle podcast is here to help you create a business that gives you the lifestyle you want.



Email: media@turnerinvest.co.uk




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