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Dr. Javier A. Carlin

PTs On Fire Radio
29 MIN2019 APR 3
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In this episode of the NGPT Success Blueprint Audio Experience, Dr. Javier is joined by Dr. Kristen Schulz. Kristen is a Physical Therapist and running coach who helps runners achieve their next PR without nagging injuries. She is the creator of the Run Your Life Method, an online platform providing a comprehensive and individualized approach for runners. Run Your Life’s mission is to provide runners the resources (prehab, rehab, strength training, recovery, nutrition, training, and mindset) they need to stay healthy so they can enjoy the sport they love for their entire life. You can find Kristen on instagram @kristen_runyour life, FB page - Kristen Schulz - Run Your Life, FB - Kristen Schulz.

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