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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder
24 minOCT 16
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Skills are very much on the agenda at the moment as many employers review their talent strategies to ensure they are adequately preparing for the future. Having the right skills is also vital for talent acquisition professionals with the profound changes we have seen in recruiting approaches and processes likely to become permanent.

My guest this week is Catalina Schveninger, Chief People Officer at Futurelearn. Catalina has a dual background in talent acquisition and learning and development, so is very well placed to talk about the skills talent acquisition teams will need in the future and how talent acquisition professionals can acquire them.

In the interview, we discuss:

   •   The increasing demands of learners around the world

   •   Has the pandemic changed the way employers think about skills?

   •   Total talent thinking, what is the role for Talent Acquisition?

   •   Futurelearn's Course on Online Recruitment and Onboarding

   •   The skills Talent Acquisition teams need right now.

   •   What does the future of Talent look like?

Futurelearn’s course on Virtual Recruiting and Onboarding

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