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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder
21 minOCT 26
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In previous episodes of the show, we've talked about the reinvention of talent acquisition and what it takes to be world-class. Behind any significant reinvention lies a transformation process of people, practices and purpose. So how are employers approaching recruiting transformation and what is the best way to ensure success. My guest this week is Diane Circo, Head of Talent Acquisition at Siemens US. Siemens has been executing a significant transformation in talent acquisition, and Diane has valuable insights to share about co-creation, innovation and technology. In the interview, we discuss: •The drivers behind recruiting transformation at Siemens •Automating repetitive and transactional work •Design thinking in delivery excellence •Opportunity and urgency in 2020 •Using technology to reimagine the hiring manager process •The importance of a robust well-segmented tech stack •Why candidate experience is now critical •Innovations and the future Subscribe to this podcast in Apple podcasts