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Stellar Recruitment-Industry Update

Stellar Recruitment

Stellar Recruitment-Industry Update
44 MIN2019 NOV 28
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This episode features Sussanah Osborne - Production General Manager for BHP. Susannah has had an impressive career that has spanned across Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Singapore, Canada and Spain. In this podcast she reflects on the decisions she made that dictated the direction of her career, how she sees the future of the mining industry, her experiences as a graduate all the way through to a leader of teams. She offers actionable advice on how others can learn from those around them, engage with mentors and how to be effective on the home front as well as at work.Highlights1:00 What has driven Susannah’s career and her decision-making process when advancing between roles5:55 How the thirst for knowledge has driven her need to succeed8:35 What her vision was at her time of graduating10:30 Sussanah’s take on how to reverse the downward trend of mining engineering as a career14:15 Pivotal moments that stand out in Sussanah’s career17:00 Tips on how to transition between an expert in your field to a leader of people in your field.20:00 How Sussanah has developed her Emotional Intelligence over her career22:38: Mentors Sussanah has engaged with and how she has further developed her skillset26:52 How to balance career and home life31:15 Sussanah’s habits and rituals to get the most out of every day34:45 Sussanah’s view on how to present the mining industry in a positive light38:45 What makes Sussanah so passionate about mining, and why others should consider it a career option