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Stellar Recruitment-Industry Update

Stellar Recruitment

Stellar Recruitment-Industry Update
27 MIN2019 MAY 13
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In this Industry update, Shaun speaks with Tim Waddell; General Manager at Form Building & Developments in New Zealand and discusses the story behind what built the company and the brilliant opportunities available now in the New Zealand construction market.Topics covered:• Overview of Form as a business • Origins including the stories of the founders • How they grew to an $160 million dollar business in 11 years• Culture and what it takes to be a member for the Form team• Current opportunities in the New Zealand marketWhy do clients choose to partner with Form? Delivery is a big part of it. In the Bay of Plenty there are many large industrial kiwi fruit projects where they must be completed by a date, likewise in Auckland with school projects and other time sensitive jobs. We have that relationship with clients and consultants that we do deliver. They like the element that we can self-perform part of the works with our own tradesman, and we are not reliant on subcontractors in the heated Auckland market. We are also easy to deal with, we are not a large contract company, and we like engaging with people instead of firing of letters left right and centre.Tell us about the good family feel and flat structural culture within the business? How important is culture in your eyes and how would you define the Form culture? Its very important and one of the key things throughout the business that we have all worked very hard on. I would define the culture as inclusive first and foremost, we are not a hierarchical or faceless business. The people who own the business are active in the business and happy to interact with everyone. I would describe the culture as professional, friendly and team orientated. We are big on our project teams, we refer to our key players in the team as the tripod, project manager, site manager and quantity surveyor. In any project they have the complete support of every facet of the business. I’m keen to understand what you look for in people who you work with and people that work for you? You are always looking for fit and fit with others in the business, we like straight-up people, people who want to put in a good days work, but want to focus on the task at hand and fit in with the team. People who are available to work unsupervised and generally nice friendly people. We are very hands on and personal and so people who like that sort of environment we generally look for as well.