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25 MIN2017 SEP. 5
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Can you make a living selling OOAK handmade items online?

This is a question I’ve been asked many times over the years, and now that I’ve been in the handmade industry for almost 10 years, I can confirm that my stance on this remains the same.

In short: no, you can’t.

Of course, there are exceptions, and good reasons why this is the case.

In this episode, I outline the reasons why it is extremely difficult to make a living from selling OOAK items online (and I am specifically talking about online selling, not markets, wholesale etc.).

If you happen to make a living selling OOAK items online, I want to hear from you! I’ve been trying to interview someone who does on the podcast from the beginning, but I am yet to find someone. If you are that someone, or know of someone who fits the bill (makes a full-time living from their handmade business, and 90% or more of their sales online exclusively from OOAK items) then I want to hear from you!

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Quotes & Highlights from this Episode:

* A one of a kind (OOAK) piece is a unique item of which you only make the one.

* The hard truth, learned from my own research and experience, is that it is not really possible to make a living selling OOAK items online.

* OOAK can absolutely be successful in handmade business. The challenge is when you move online.

* The two exceptions to this are:

* Expensive items priced in the mid to high hundreds of dollars. These need to be quick to make, have a good mark up and sell daily.

* Makers with a large and dedicated following. Time is invested in building a presence, batch making items and managing a big release.

* “If your OOAK items are mid to low priced, the chances of you making a successful living selling online is very small.” {Jess}

* Selling an OOAK piece online takes far more work than selling in person.

* Each product needs to be individually listed with photos, editing, title, keywords and tags, description notes, proofing and more and all of these little pieces of time add up.

* When starting out there is ample time, energy and enthusiasm to experiment and create OOAK items but as your business grows this becomes less sustainable.

* As your creativity ebbs and flows having a line of reproducible items provides you with breathing room.

* “You should have the freedom to make and list OOAK items when the inspiration strikes and you have the time” {Jess}

* Utilise price points to support these creative endeavours. Your OOAK items should have pricing that reflects their elevated and unique status.

* Reproducible designs do not mean that the piece is not handmade or a labour of love.

* If you have OOAK items, list them on your best selling venue and deactivate the listing when at markets.


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