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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Kent Sanders

The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders
3 min2020 NOV 24
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We live in an age when it is easy to get out of almost any commitment. If you’re unhappy with your cable TV service, you can switch companies. If your dinner at a restaurant doesn’t taste good, you can send it back to the kitchen. If you are irritated at someone on social media, you can unfollow or even block them.

But what about your relationship to your writing? 

The concept of having a relationship with your writing may be new to you. Sometimes we view our writing as a task to be completed. If we approach our work like so many writers do, as a “tortured artist,” then our writing feels like an unbearable burden, a cross we have to carry.

But writing is none of those things. It’s a privilege. A treasure. A responsibility. And an opportunity.

On today's episode, Kent shares three simple ways to stay committed to your writing.


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