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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Kent Sanders

The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders
3 min2020 DEC 1
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If you were to make a list of the most creative people from the last hundred years, Steve Jobs would be close to the top of the list. As the co-founder of Apple, he was in large part responsible for many of the devices and apps we use today, such as the Mac, iTunes, the iPhone, the iPad, and lots of others. 

Especially in his later years, he was adored and admired for his visionary approach and his absolute refusal to go along with the status quo. But he wasn’t always the cultural icon that he is today.

In 1997, Steve Jobs has been gone from Apple for twelve years after a painful exit in 1985. Now that he was back in command trying to turn the struggling company around, there was no magic bullet, no surefire gimmick or product that would help make Apple successful again.

On today's episode, Kent reminds us that the crazy ones are indeed those who change the world.


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