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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

Kent Sanders

The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders
3 min2020 NOV 23
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When you hear the name J.K. Rowling, what comes to mind? 

You probably picture an ultra-successful author whose books are adored by millions of readers all over the world. As the author of the Harry Potter series, she has achieved a level of fame and fortune that very few authors will know.

But it wasn’t always that way. Just a handful of years before she published the first Harry Potter book, J.K. Rowling was a poor, jobless single mother who was fresh off a divorce. She had conceived of the idea for the Harry Potter series a few years earlier.

Now at a low point in her life she never anticipated, she gave her full attention to her writing.

On today's episode, Kent reminds us that the best gifts--including failure--often come in unexpected wrapping.


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