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The Lion's Den For Business Men

The Lions Pride, Robert Mallon & Bill Watkins

The Lion's Den For Business Men
32 min2017 AUG 14
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Is not closing that one deal your biggest regret as a businessman? Or do your regrets tend to be a little more…personal?

Well, if you’re a driven businessman and a father, it’s a pretty sure thing I know what your top regret is likely to be.

And it’s not going to be about what you did or didn’t do at work.

It’s going to be about what you didn’t do at home.

One study found that 63 percent of parents regretted not doing more activities with their children, and 7 of 10 felt they took their children’s childhood for granted.  

That is what will haunt you from your work life right now. You worked too much and didn’t make enough time for the most important relationships in your life.

In this episode, we confront the regret of not spending enough time with your kids when they’re young because you’re so busy at work. This is one of the biggest regrets that businessmen face in life, and we don’t want you to be one of those men.

If you find yourself telling your kids you’re too busy to spend time with them, even after work, listen to this episode.

If you already regret not spending more time with your kids, it’s not too late to change that regret into something you’re proud of.

And if you want to hear seven effective strategies for spending more time with your kids, hit play in the bar above to get started.

Listen in to start freeing yourself from a top life regret and more:

  • Why it’s so easy to say “no” to your kids to spend time with them.
  • How to make “maybe later” into “yes.”
  • Seven tools for more one-on-one time with your kids.
  • Why your agenda isn’t good enough to play with kids.
  • Why Robert was playing like a 4-year-old last weekend.
  • How “stacking” can improve your relationships with kids.
  • A habit you should form at bedtime to create cherished memories with kids.
  • Why Bill’s servers knew he always wanted clown pancakes at IHOP.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Huddle

Bill’s family meeting agenda:

Call to order, everyone present?

Family prayer.

How did your week go?

Gripes, complaints, suggestions for improvement or change and any other less-than-positive things to say? (1 per person permitted, $5 penalty for multiple mentions to same person!!)

Apologies, thank yous, praise, acknowledgements, “bear-hugs” and any other very-positive things to say? (No limit/unlimited mentions allowed to same person!!)

What does your next week’s schedule look like including work, school, trips, activities etc.?

Assign and confirm next week’s chores. Determine if any chores warrant special payment or privileges.

Receive family game sheets (weekly) and pay chore allowance (first of month only).

Open discussion.

Prayer requests.

OPTIONAL: Review Family Vision, Code of Conduct and Annual Goals (first of month only).

Closing prayer.