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The Lion's Den For Business Men

The Lions Pride, Robert Mallon & Bill Watkins

The Lion's Den For Business Men
40 min2017 AUG 24
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Do you stick to the status quo too much in your business? Or are you willing to try something new that has the potential to win big or fail big?

My guest today is Dr. Peter Kan, a board-certified chiropractic neurologist with training in both integrative medicine and functional medicine. He’s also the co-founder of the Hope Integrative Wellness Center in Gilbert, Arizona.

Peter’s career has been on a growth curve ever since he decided to cut insurance out of his practice and work only on a direct-pay model.

And in an industry dominated by insurance claims, that was a big risk he had to be willing to try.

The risk paid off. His business has grown each of the last eight years since he made the leap. In 2016, it grew by 33 percent.

But that’s not the only area he’s done things differently. By propping a camcorder up on a stack of textbooks, Peter also decided he was willing to try becoming a YouTuber.

Even though he’s not a trained speaker.

Even though he had no tripod.

His Facebook Live videos every Monday attract about 22,000 views.

“It’s better to have your message out there than not,” he tells me in this episode. “I have a saying in my business: I’m not doing the same thing now that I was doing 6 months ago and I probably won’t be doing the same thing six months from now.”

If you feel like your business isn’t evolving fast enough, this episode has some great pointers for you.

If your business is stuck in a rut or operating on the status quo, you ought to hear what Peter has to say.

And if you would rather win big than fail big, click play in the player above to get started.

Listen in to hear Dr. Peter Kan talk about being willing to try and unafraid to fail and more:

  • The best way to improve your health. (Hint: It’s not exercise.)
  • Why chronic conditions need less medicine and surgery and more lifestyle changes.
  • One positive leadership characteristic you can’t afford to bring home.
  • Peter’s crazy true story of his “Darth Vader moment.”
  • Learning how to live without regrets.
  • Why you don’t have to eat “essence of tofu fart” to stay healthy.
  • The insane life experience that taught Peter to not keep secrets from his loved ones.
  • How to make a Big Mac more healthy (sort of).
  • A “crisis” management tool for toddlers and young children who want more of a bad thing.
  • One great reason to get more sex from your wife (as if you need another).

How to connect with Dr. Peter Kan: