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The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast

Buck Flogging

The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast
32 min2015 SEP 25
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Episode 006: In Ask Buck 2, Buck’s back,  answering readers questions about building a business online, escaping the rat race, and creating the life you deserve,

This week’s episode has some great questions, although the one regarding Buck’s choice of undergarment is a little puerile, Billy certainly needs to up his game.

Here are the topics Buck answers in this episode:

* How will the next books in the series enable would-be business builders to get their businesses up and running. How much detail will be included?

* Billy The Skid poses a rather personal question about undies selection. What does Buck wear?

* How do Amazon Associates Terms Of Service apply to affiliate links in email broadcasts etc.

* How to brainstorm startup ideas, to help you go from 9-5 to business owner

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Listen to Ask Buck 2 below. Enjoy the show, Quitters!