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The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast

Buck Flogging

The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast
46 min2015 AUG 12
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Episode 001: Buck Flogging talks with Cary David Richards, the epitome of why the The Quit Your Job in 6 Months Podcast exists. Cary is the author 8 Kindle ebooks and is ready to quit his job to make writing Kindle books his full time job. Even though he says he’s doing “okay,” he confessed to not quite be at the point he wants to be. Listen to Buck help Cary figure out the best ways to make more money doing what he loves so he can finally quit his job!


Here’s what Buck and Cary cover in this episode:

* Cary’s biggest problem with Kindle publishing

* Multiple ideas to increase monetary value of Kindle books

* The benefits of creating an e-course that relates to your books

* How Kindle books can funnel into coaching

* The biggest reason why you should search for other products, courses and people in your field

* The percentage of overall revenue that should come from Kindle books

* Kindle books or blog posts: which is better?

* Explaining how to increase average revenue per subscriber

* How to form a strong bond with your subscribers

* The upside and downside of tracking

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Listen to How to Increase Monetary Value of Kindle Books below. Enjoy the show, Quitters!