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The Site Shed

Matt Jones - Trade based business enthusiast

The Site Shed
45 min2020 NOV 11
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Pictures indeed paint a thousand words. Photos are better proof of evidence for your work, alongside customer feedback and reviews. In today’s episode, photography and video specialist, Aaron McKay discuss the importance of having a website and a well-curated project gallery. Project galleries serve as touchpoints for promising clients and possibly be the final push they need to acquire your services. Furthermore, we discuss the advantages of using drones in content creation in any field of work. May it be in construction or agriculture. Know more about how critical content creation and capture in expanding your network. Listen to this podcast episode today! What’s Discussed in This Episode: Aaron’s professional background [04:31] Building a project gallery [05:14] The convenience of using phones in content creation [07:27] Value of time lapse shots for Tradies [09:54] Learn the fundamentals and basic principles [10:58] Drones: How do you use them properly? [13:54] Drone-use restrictions in major cities [15:02] Things to consider before capturing media content [20:40] Practical construction uses for drones [23:12] Integrate the use of specific software [24:53] Starting points for content capture [27:01] Build your own library of touchpoints [32:25] No excuses: do what you need to do [37:14] Tradie work is not uninteresting [38:32] Aerial photography training by Aaron [42:13] About the Guest: Aaron McKay has been part of the photography and video specialty industry for over 20 years. With his skills acquired throughout the years, he carries it into the aerial media field and uses drones for aerial photography and video, mapping, data analysis, and 3D modelling since 2017. Aaron aims to provide excellent yet affordable services to his clients. Resources: Come and visit my website at (https://www.thesiteshed.com/) Check my latest podcast or listen to the previous ones (https://www.thesiteshed.com/podcasts/) Tradie Web Guys (https://www.tradiewebguys.com.au/apply) Check Aaron’s Aus Aerial Media profile at (https://www.ausaerialmedia.com.au/) Reach Aaron’s social media at (@ausaerialmedia) Contact Aaron through email (aaron@ausaerialmedia.com.au) Connect with me on LinkedIn. For more podcast episodes, you may also visit my website. Tune in and subscribe to The Site Shed: You can also listen to The Site Shed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Thank you for tuning in! If you enjoyed this podcast and this series, please take 5 to leave us a review: Google Facebook iTunes – Apple Stitcher – Android See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.