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The Site Shed

Matt Jones - Trade based business enthusiast

The Site Shed
25 min2020 OCT 7
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People always have an inherent fear of the unknown, new, and different. And so, systems and processes that seem alien to you and your team can breed myths and misconceptions. What if in adapting systems, I put myself out of work? Will this new system guarantee success? Or failure? However, these myths won’t be anything but non beneficial to your trades business. The first step to clearing the fog is grasping the concept behind SYSTEMology. Today is the third and final episode of the ‘SYSTEMology - Create Time, Reduce Errors, and Scale Your Profits’ series with bestselling author, Dave Jenyns. We’ll talk about the biggest myths around systemisation and how you can create the least path of resistance towards embracing it. Build a climate of trust, change, and creativity within your team by tuning in to this episode! What’s Discussed in This Episode: Culture is key in implementing systems [05:17] The biggest challenge is the resistance to systems [06:56] Systems are basically your business’ playbook [09:20] Systemisation gives more space for creativity [10:17] Managing expectations to avoid scope creep [12:47] Documenting and applying best practices to delivery consistency [15:01] Creating systems allow team members to sneak a peek at success [16:06] The seven steps of SYSTEMology [17:50] Perfecting the systems is a trial-and-error process [20:03] The biggest myth in systemisation [22:34] About the Guest: In 2016, David Jenyns successfully systemised himself out of his business, one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, melbourneSEOservices.com. Through this process, he became a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business. With two books to his name and the SYSTEMology movement, David offers mission-centered systemising to scale up businesses and take away much of the pressure that comes with beingan entrepreneur. Resources: Come and visit my website at (https://www.thesiteshed.com/) Check my latest podcast or listen to the previous ones (https://www.thesiteshed.com/podcasts/) Tradie Web Guys (https://www.tradiewebguys.com.au/apply) Check out SYSTEMology (https://www.systemology.com/) Business Process Simplified with Dave Jenyns (https://www.systemhub.com/podcast/) Reach out to Dave through his email (dave@SYSTEMology.com) Get the book at Amazon - (https://amzn.to/34kxRMT) Grab the audio version of SYSTEMology (https://adbl.co/2ZY3ARh) Follow our Facebook community ‘The Site Shed’ for announcements on how you can avail our book getaway of David Jenyns’ book SYSTEMology: Create time, reduce errors and scale your profits with proven business systems Watch the previous episodes of the SYSTEMology - Create Time, Reduce Errors, and Scale Your Profits series with Dave Jenyns https://www.thesiteshed.com/blog/david-jenyns-1/ https://www.thesiteshed.com/blog/david-jenyns-2/ Connect with me on LinkedIn. For more podcast episodes, you may also visit my website. Tune in and subscribe to The Site Shed: You can also listen to The Site Shed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Thank you for tuning in! If you enjoyed this podcast and this series, please take 5 to leave us a review: Google Facebook iTunes – Apple Stitcher – Android See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.