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Matt Jones - Trade based business enthusiast

The Site Shed
21 min2020 SEP 30
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Running a business and finally becoming our own boss is something that we all want as tradies. But as soon as we start our own business, we realise we know nothing about managing it at all. What’s even worse is that we end up counterintuitively doing all the leg work and not being able to get the free time that we want in the first place!

While the entire business process itself may be the brainchild of the business owners, they are certainly not the best people to document and execute them. Today, we’ll find out why as Dave Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology, joins us once more in Part 2 of our ‘SYSTEMology - Create Time, Reduce Errors, and Scale Your Profits’ series. In this episode, we’ll learn more about the critical client flow and how you can adapt that to improve your business process.

Learn how you can remove yourself from your business by tuning in to this episode!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:
Why business owners are not the best people to document processes [02:49]
The beauty of getting the wheels turning without doing much of the work [06:15]
The cost of blindly starting a business [08:12]
What having good systems mean to your business [09:58]
All business problems stem from having bad systems in place [10:47]
How do you create a critical client flow? [12:00]
Don’t over-complicate your critical client flow [14:25]
Creating different critical client flows for different product lines [15:28]
SYSTEMology: The building block of small businesses [17:01]
3 P’s: The killer combination [17:37]

About the Guest:

In 2016, David Jenyns successfully systemised himself out of his business, one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, melbourneSEOservices.com. Through this process, he became a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business.

With two books to his name and the SYSTEMology movement, David offers mission-centered systemising to scale up businesses and take away much of the pressure that comes with being an entrepreneur.

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