Acts of the Apostles – Laura L. Zielke

Laura L. Zielke, MDiv.

Acts of the Apostles – Laura L. Zielke
39 MIN2018 SEP 4
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This week, Craig Bondy (guest teacher) compared and contrasted three different accounts of Saul’s experience on the road to Damascus. We examined the narrative in Acts 9 as well as Paul’s testimony in Acts 22 and his witness in Acts 26. We focused our attention on what Saul was told about his future. 
Click to read this week’s passages in KJV, CSB, ESV, NIV: 

* Acts 9:1-19a 
* Acts 22:1-21
* Acts 26:1-23

Acts 9, 22, 26 ~ What Was Saul Told?
Compare and contrast records of Saul’s Damascus Road experience
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