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Art of Suffering

Chad Judice

Art of Suffering
--MAY 13
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Welcome to the first episode of the Art of Suffering!
This is a formal invitation to take 30 minutes of your day and be inspired, challenged, receive, and share real-life stories of those who chose not to settle for who the world said they should be, but rather who are walking the path that leads them to become who God created them to be, a saint. A path only available to those who embrace the cross in their life.  Jesus Christ perfected the art of suffering at Calvary. When we respond to His invitation to participate in that suffering by uniting our cross to His, God takes our mess and transforms it into His message. (See Jn 3:14 - Col.1:24,29)
Art of Suffering Show Notes
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Host: Chad Judice
Episode art by Sarah Lessmann.
Producer/Editor: Taylor Schroll (ForteCatholic.com)