Critiques and Caffeine

Zach Haas

Critiques and Caffeine
44 min2020 JUN 7
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I admit that I am no expert when it comes to social justice, racism, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. However, I do recognize that something is wrong and something needs to be done about. While #AllLivesMatter, this isn't what we need to be focusing on right now. While #BlueLivesMatter, police brutality needs to be addressed and something needs to happen. 
It's been an interesting couple of weeks here in 2020. As the Coronavirus finally starts to take a back seat, George Floyd is murdered by an overreaching police officer.  This has sparked massive debates, protests, and even violent riots. I think Jesus would have a lot to say if he were in the world today. His messages of truth, love, grace, and equality are recorded in the Bible. His words, are just as relevant to the world today as they were back then. 


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