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East Cobb Presbyterian Church Podcast

East Cobb Presbyterian Church

East Cobb Presbyterian Church Podcast
--JUN 28
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As we move to the next section of John’s gospel, we’re introduced to the disciples who followed Jesus. Once again, John the Baptist identifies Jesus as the Lamb of God, this time to his disciples. Immediately, two of his disciples followed Jesus, Andrew and probably the author, John. He presents these events because he wants you to follow Jesus. Twice in the narrative we have the invitation, “come and see,” once from Jesus and once from Philip. But the text is more nuanced than that. When Andrew and John begin following Jesus, he asks them and important question, “What are you seeking?” John presents that question to his readers so that they can evaluate what they are seeking as they come and see Jesus. Some might be seeking a “rabbi,” a teacher who will give them answers to life’s problems. Some who seek Jesus are looking for relief from political persecution (Jews vs. Romans). The gospel presents Jesus as the “Lamb of God,” the promised descendant of King David, the Son of God and the Son of Man. As we consider this text and you consider Jesus, what are you seeking?