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Godwin Otuno

Fresh Encounter Radio Podcast
27 MIN2018 OCT. 7
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Fruitful Development of God Given Dreams

Bible Study Verses: Genesis 37, Genesis 30.24

What are some of the things that can prevent you from realizing your God-given dreams?

How will some people feel about you pursuing your God-given dreams?

Pastor Otuno expounds on this and much more on the exciting journey of Fresh Encounter Radio Podcast originally aired on Oct 06, 2018 on WNQM, Nashville Quality Ministries and WWCR World Wide Christian Radio broadcasts to all 7-continents on this big beautiful blue marble earth floating through space. Please be prayerful before studying The Word of God so that you will receive the most inspiration possible.

GOT 181006 Episode #37

ART CREDIT: Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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