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From Silence+Something To Say

Fr. Rob Lord+

From Silence+Something To Say
14 min2018 DEC 3
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Dear Friends, I have added a “Sermon Page” to my blog. I will be posting previous sermons and those I preach in the future from time to time. I hope they might be helpful for your journey and flourishing. 

First Sunday of Advent 2016  Fr. Rob Lord+

On The First Sunday of Advent, I sought to remind us that in the midst of this busy season, God gives us an invitation to wake up to the reality of our lives, the reality of His daily coming to us, and waiting for the appearance of Christ now and at His final coming.

During Advent we learn:

1. To stay awake to our hearts.

2. To stay awake and present to those we love.

3. To stay awake to the coming of Christ every day and at his final Advent when he comes again.

As St. Augustine said: “You are closer to me than I am to myself.” This is why Advent is a contemplative season that calls us to wait in silence on God’s loving embrace in Jesus Christ. May you have a meaningful and wonderful Advent.

With you on The Journey,