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From Silence+Something To Say

Fr. Rob Lord+

From Silence+Something To Say
--2018 JUN 29
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Welcome to my first episode: Cultivating a Flourishing Mindset!

What if the the story of God is a story that is truer, better, and more beautiful than we have ever imagined? What if the  story of Jesus is above everything else about inviting people into flourishing in God’s coming kingdom?

Our minds (not our brains) are the most important things about us. And the most important thing about our mind is what it is set upon. What you do with your mind is the most important choice you have to make every day of your life. Wherever your mind goes, the rest of your life goes with it.

In this podcast I will reflect on the following:

1. What it means to flourish.

2. The importance of your mind as the key to your life.

3. The challenge of cognitive fusion.

4. Fixed Mindset vs. Growth/Flourishing Mindset.

5. Created in the image of God we have the power to create and act for flourishing lives, ours and others.

6. The invitation to silence and the contemplative tradition of Christian spirituality as a way of healing and growing in acceptance and the openness of a flourishing mindset.

Hope you enjoy! Hope you subscribe!

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