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From Silence+Something To Say

Fr. Rob Lord+

From Silence+Something To Say
14 min2018 AUG 5
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The theme of this podcast is that a human response to Jesus’s call to live in God’s Kingdom is not a one-time thing. Response to God’s invitation is in fact a lifelong task, involving various practices over time. And that takes a lot of practice—in fact, our whole life becomes one continual practice.

That is why the hallmarks of contemplative spirituality—solitude, silence, and stillness—have never been more important for our society.  Adopting contemplative practice is crucial to living into transformation and wholeness.  The Christian Contemplative Tradition is a catalyst to true human flourishing.

Until we are present to ourselves, we can never be fully present to anything. We can never hope to know the presence of God or other people until we can be with ourselves in stillness, openness, and attentiveness.

Be Still and Know That I Am God.  Ps. 46:10

In the broadest sense of the word, contemplation means creating sacred space to be still, to rest in God, to reflect, to look inward; to attend to the inner life; to simply be with God in solitude, silence and stillness. Contemplation can also be understood as Parker Palmer describes: “anything that dismantles our illusions.”

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Thanks for taking the time to listen! I pray and trust that in some small way my words may give you helpful spiritual direction.

With you on the Journey,