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GracePointe Church of Christ in Elizabethtown, PA

GracePointe Church of Christ

GracePointe Church of Christ in Elizabethtown, PA
--2018 JUL 31
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Today we begin a new study of the book of Hebrews, and in this first sermon we look at the text that begins the book 1:1-4. In this series we are calling "Greater Than" we are looking to see the God as revealed throughout scripture, and God's revelation through his son Jesus Christ, as the greatest story that we can know and live. Discouragement is a reality that we all face, whether it is a bad day, a season, or something that we are simply predisposed to in our lives, we must be able to approach God in times of joy and in times of discouragement. Our anchor is God, and how God is revealed to us in all varieties of moments. Yet, we are particularly drawn to God as revealed through his Son.Jesus is truly Greater Than...So we start by proclaiming that Jesus is God's Son!