Know Your Bible

Northside Church of Christ

Know Your Bible
28 MIN2016 FEB 2
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Trivia: In Samson’s riddle, where was the honey?

  • 1. If a woman is limited in leadership in the church, could a woman be president?
  • 2. The Bible promises we will receive whatever we ask for if we pray in faith. I prayed that my husband wouldn’t die, but he still died. Is my faith too small?
  • 3. If you make your child go to church, will he quit going when he leaves home?
  • 4. Should we fast for God? And for how long?
  • 5. Where does it say we should be good stewards of the earth?
  • 6. Which John wrote Revelation?
  • 7. What verse tells about the three ways we can be tempted?
  • 8. Were there any other humans or any other beings before Adam and Eve?