Men With Chests

Men With Chests

Men With Chests
118 MIN2018 ABR. 4
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The interview begins at 1:21:38.

Congrats to James on actually being Catholic, now!

Listen to a live recording of a real-life internet celebrity deleting his FB profile! The Men get into Catholic Church craziness, we discuss the ills of modernity, the heresies of liberalism and Americanism, and how they’re causing prelates out in LA to push weird sexual degeneracy. We talk about how Zucc has been censoring Catholic pages and also Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s op-ed in the WSJ about how the Democrat party has turned it’s back on Catholicism.

We have two interviews today. The first is a religious scholar from Sweden named Johan Edebbo. He gives us his insights into Catholicism and why he’s converting to the Church from Lutheranism following his study of GK Chesterton.  The second is with the founder of the Traditian Order, Patrick Pierce. We discuss his reasons for founding the order and how you can join to help the cause of promoting traditionalism. Enjoy!

Oh! How To Be A Christian is back! 

The Traditian Order

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