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Mormon Truth Interviews!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Mormon Truth Interviews!!
1 min2019 JAN 18
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This is the opening statement from the MORMON First Presidency, regarding the new temple changes for 2019 that are about 188 years too late. What a joke! Mormon Jesus can't see the future and keeps changing his "unchangeable" temple ceremony(and many other things) due to societal pressures and in a desperate attempt to "fit in" with the world. I thought they were proud to be "a peculiar people" and different..not anymore! That's why they spent 10s of millions putting steeples on all their chapels back during Hinckley's reign of terror. OOPS! It hasn't worked as people see Mormonism for the fraud and freakshow it is! Over 100,000 people are resigning a year(and those are the people that really believed & cared) and baptisms are dropping to their lowest level ever!Wake up people and smell THE TRUTH!