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Mormon Truth Interviews!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Mormon Truth Interviews!!
1 min2018 JAN 4
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Thomas S. Monson bragging about not signing the petition against a "little paperboy" who then tragically killed himself. He did NOTHING to help this "poor little paperboy" but considered himself and his wife to be heroes! It's a sick and tragic story and I hope he just made it up like most of his stories and that it wasn't even true. Where was his compassion or so called "spirit of discernment" they brag so much about? Once again, non-existent!Then again, he seems to love to push young kids to suicide with his November 5, 2015 GAY HATE DOCTRINE, so it wouldn't be surprising if it really did happen & he didn't care. I sure hope not though!This was from the April 2005 General Conference.