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Pastors Art and Kuna Sepúlveda Podcast

Pastors Art and Kuna Sepúlveda, Word of Life Christian Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pastors Art and Kuna Sepúlveda Podcast
56 MIN2019 JAN 10
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In life there will be times that we will have to face a battle.  Whether it’s a job situation, or between relationships at home, or a financial matter, things like these will come.  But there is good news… the Bible says that, God always leads us in triumph, in Christ, (2 Corinthians 2:14 KKJV), and that is great news!  So how do we attain this triumph, this victory?  Its having FAITH in God’s Word.  Believing what His Word says about our situation and standing on that Word!In this series, you’ll gain practical insight on how to fight by faith with the Word of God.  The weapons we use are not natural, but SUPERnatural – and we have the supernatural advantage in any battle we face!  FIGHT will give you the advantage, the knowledge and the understanding of how to use everything God has given to you so you can win in any situation. 
With God, His Word, there's no way you can lose! So don’t give up, get out there and FIGHT!