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Poets Of The Restoration

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Poets Of The Restoration
25 min2011 AUG 8
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In this episode of Poets of the Restoration, our host discusses the life of Louisa “Lulu” Greene Richards. She was born in Gainesville, Iowa, on April 18, 1849. Being devout Latter-day Saints, Louisa’s mother and father moved the family to the Salt Lake Valley in November 1852. At age 18, Louisa and her sister started a small school in the valley. Realizing she needed more education, Louisa dutifully studied until she was 20 and started submitting poetry to the Deseret News under the nickname “Lulu.” Her poetry was well-received, and she eventually became the editor of the Women’s Exponent periodical for five years. The words of her writings reflect the importance of love and industry in building up others and living life to the fullest.