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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss

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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss
27 minAUG 20
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So much is changing so quickly… it’s hard to get your footing sometimes! How do we be people who carry His presence, power and glory in times of difficulty and trials? Is there a way forward? 

What about those moments when it feels like everything is being stripped away? Is it possible that God is there in those moments? Could God be working things together for my very good EVEN in these moments? 

How do I create a new reference point for myself during those times? 

It may be the end of many things but it’s not the end of you!

Join Jeff Struss for a special edition of Presence Power and Glory as he shares a timely prophetic word for you and your family at this moment. 

This is an episode you will not want to miss!