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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss

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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss
59 minJUL 10
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On this week’s episode of “Presence, Power and Glory with Jeff Struss” Jeff highlights an emerging prophetic voice in a special segment titled “Young Guns”. “Young Guns” seeks to highlight Millennial and Generation Z individuals who have said yes to the call to be a voice for revival in their generation. This weeks episode is featuring prophetic evangelist Ines Furume. 

Ines Furume has seen too much to turn back now!

She was marked as a child in dramatic prophetic encounters that left her impacted by the reality and power of God, but didn’t know how to interpret that reality. Without someone to help her know the way to steward her gift, Ines turned away from God’s presence and sought fulfillment in the world. But God had a plan for her life and He wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer!

Hear about one woman’s journey into the miraculous and how she believes that her generation is destined to be marked by the presence of God!

Evangelist Ines Furume Mangala has been a missionary to the nations. God has been downloading dreams in her concerning a revelation of identity among His children, especially in the year 2013, when She was carried in a series of visions where she saw people from different age groups and races being filled with the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, which led them to understand their identity in Christ.

She is the Founder of Ezekiel 37 Mission, and can be connected with at https://www.ezekiel37mission.org/.