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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss

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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss
57 minAUG 13
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On the last day of Jesus’ earthly life, He stopped with His disciples to pour out His heart in prayer. John 17 records the words that He spoke and it is the longest prayer of Christ found in the Bible. These words are treasured by believers around the world and give us some of the most intimate views of the heart of God. 

What was at the top of the list of Christ’s requests? That believers around the world would be united… to share the glory that Christ shares with the Father. Sounds simple, but how is it done?

Pastor Al Gernovich knows what it’s like to push through people’s differences, failures and shortcomings in order to forge a culture of grace which releases the glory of God into the hearts and lives of all who are involved. This doesn’t just reach the church that he pastors, but extends to other pastors, leaders and congregations of many different denominations. 

What is the result? It’s a church that carries the glory and manifest presence of God. In this week’s episode of “Presence, Power and Glory with Jeff Struss,” Pastor Al shares keys that he’s learned on how to receive and give the grace of God, which builds unity and releases glory!

Pastor Al Gernovich and his wife Chris planted “Salt Church” in Corry PA about 12 years ago. Since that time the church has grown as having a reputation for being a congregation of presence, breakthrough, and outrageous faith. Cultivating an atmosphere of grace and acceptance everywhere he goes, Al Gernovich is a true gift to the church and “salt and light” to the world around him.