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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss

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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss
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Josh Brady is on a mission to help the world hear the voice of God! In a moment of personal crisis and testing, he decided to turn towards the Lord in a deeper way, to hear His voice, and to see God move. God answered His prayers! Not only did he see a dramatic healing in his marriage, God began moving upon Josh to release the prophetic voice of the Lord everywhere he went! What happened next was nothing short of miraculous! To random strangers in grocery stores, to hardened gang bangers on the streets of Camden New Jersey, every time Josh took a step of faith, he found that the Lord would meet him and people would be changed. His story is one of faith and encouragement and will stir up a fresh expectation in your heart for God to use you in deeper and deeper ways! Joshua Brady has a mandate to motivate, equip, and empower the Body of Christ by operating in the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. He desires everyone to know the kindness and love of the Father’s heart for people. Through personal stories, marvelous testimonies, words of knowledge, and healings, Joshua reveals the extravagant love of God wherever he goes. Besides the kindness and love of the Father, Joshua also carries great passion to release the heart of justice that Jesus carried. He especially holds a heavy burden to see political injustices be made right and for the world’s governing perversions to be broken. He believes all people are made in the image of God and have inherent value. Through informal street outreaches, Joshua looks for opportunities to release God’s power on the hurting and poor, releasing individual fresh prophetic revelation where he travels. Before traveling and speaking full time, Joshua worked in youth ministry in the inner city of Camden, NJ, for 13 years, where he discipled youth and did supernatural evangelism. While working in Camden, he received his Masters of Divinity at Palmer Seminary. During that time he found the love of his life and married his beautiful wife Regine. Since then he has had opportunities to travel with and learn from David Wagner for several years.David Wagner has been a friend, mentor, and spiritual father in Josh Brady’s life. Joshua Brady is currently the President and Founder of Jesus Unlimited Ministries.