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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss

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Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss
71 minJUL 16
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If God visited you, where would it lead you? To the mission field? To the pastorate? What if God called you to manifest the presence, power and glory of God in the marketplace? What if God called you to create wealth for the Kingdom of God and influence culture from the inside out? Could such a thing even be possible? Anika Pettiford says it is!

Anika is passionate about one thing – The Presence of God in her life. She is pursuing hard after living in and from the secret place of worship. 

As a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, she is using her giftings in the area of evangelism to reach others with the love of Christ. 

As a preacher and public speaker, she ministers to women at WOE’s conferences and retreats and is a Level 5 Women of Excellence Teacher. 

She has utilized her degrees in Accounting and Information Technology working for and consulting with multinational fortune 500 companies including working for the IBM Olympic Web Team during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia. 

As a Business Consultant with IBM she has traveled the world working with companies in many industries including energy, shipping, retail, manufacturing, banking, cosmetics, government and aerospace to name a few. 

She currently runs several businesses in the area of Brand Architecture, Marketing Consulting, Retail Operations and Media Production. 

And is personally familiar with failure in startup businesses as well as success crossing over into million dollar revenues. 

Upon graduation from Seminary with a Master’s in Theological Studies, she launched what she calls “His ministry through her” – Grace, Gold and Glory. 

Taking the gospel to the Marketplace is her unique positioning in the Kingdom of God.