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RED-C Roundup

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RED-C Roundup
57 minAUG 8
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On Wednesday July 22, Judy Comeaux talked with Gail Peterson about simplicity. In the first part of the show, Judy talked about St. Mary Magdalene as today is her feast day. Mary Magdalene was a Jewish woman who traveled with Jesus, and was a witness to the crucifixion and its aftermath. She is even sometimes referred to as an apostle to the apostles. Judy also spoke with Allison Sullivan in the first half of the show about a GoFundMe account to help those in the Bryan College Station area with electric bills they are behind on. You can help out here! In the second half of the show, Gail Peterson talked about practicing simplicity in our lives, using St. Francis of Assisi as an example for that lifestyle. Gail and Judy discussed not only physical things like junk in your house, but other things like mental health, physical fitness, and digital simplicity. They talked about not holding onto all these extra things that God wants us to let go of in order to simplify our lives and grow in holiness. A few points made were: 1) know yourself (what works for someone else might not work for you); 2) if you have something in your life that is consistently bothering you or causing you unnecessary stress, it could point to some other aspect of your situation that you need to let go of; and 3) the importance of self-care. Trust us when we say, you will love this episode about simplifying your life! We know there is bound to be something in this episode for everyone!