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RED-C Roundup

RED-C Catholic Radio

RED-C Roundup
57 minAUG 19
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On Wednesday, August 12, host Gene Wilhelm spoke with former special operative “CT” about his life story and military experience which showcases the power of prayer during times of adversity. In the first part of the show, Gene talked about Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, protégé of St. Francis de Sales and founder of the Sisters of the Visitation. In the second half of the show, Gene began his conversation with “CT” by talking about his time in the Army Reserve, but desiring move to active duty, while also attending Texas A&M University. “CT" eventually did transition to the active Army and achieved his goal of becoming a Special Forces soldier, one of America’s elite “Green Berets.”  Now a veteran, he is currently part of Team Red White and Blue, a non-profit whose mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their local community through physical and social activity, while helping with mental health as well. He talked about the significant impact Team Red White and Blue had on his life during his transition out of the military and back into his family and civilian life. Though it is designed for veterans, anyone is welcome to be a part of Red White and Blue, and you can find out more at teamrwb.org, or you can download the app by searching for "team rwb” in your app store. Remember, when choosing between the values of heaven and the values of earth, always round up!