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Same Here
38 min2020 NOV 4
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We are truly honored to have Faith Bailey, @6ish_andiknowit facilitator, with us in this episode. Chatting with her about making decisions, moving forward in uncertainty, and all things enneagram felt like sitting down for coffee with an old friend. We hope you enjoy our talk with Faith as much as we did!

Note: The Enneagram is a personality typing system of nine types, or "numbers" (1-9), each with specific features. Enneagram teaching says that each person is dominant in one number, based upon their motivations for the ways they move through life. While there's much more to say regarding the Enneagram, that's the first level of knowledge needed for this episode.  We will be doing an introduction episode with a special guest in Spring 2021 for a deeper dive.

Also, while many Christians bring up understandable concerns about the Enneagram, due to its roots in mysticism and eastern religions, we have found it to be a wonderful relational and conversational tool - emphasis on the word "tool." It's not a religion, it's not a lifestyle, and it is not absolute truth. we don't advocate picking it up for truth before picking up your Bible; but, personally, it has given us structure and language by which to relate to and understand one another, other people, and the Lord, and for that we are grateful. This is why we want to share some knowledge about this tool with you, in hopes that it can be a tool you for you to use in your own relationships and understanding of those around you.


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