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Sermon series from Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church, Cokato

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Sermon series from Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church, Cokato
24 min2014 JUL 7
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Parents, children, home, and family all have some very common ground. Although Presdent Ronald Reagan in 1987 proclaimed the week before Thanksgiving as National Family Week, in recent years the observance has really been placed on the back burner. Family in the US has become something much less important than it used to be. Many today do not have the experience of family and family relationships. Many children today are growing up in single parent families where there is no father or no mother. The reason for family becoming less important is, at least in this man's estimation, is that more and more people are not acquainted and/or giving credence to the family of God. The familiar story of this text teaches a lesson that gives us insight to the order of family in our homes as well as insight to the order of the family of God. It is true and it is biblical to say "healthy personal relationships between parents and children result in healthy families." The question to be asked today is "What is your/my position in the family of God?"