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Sidewalk Skyline Podcast

Kevin Rogers

Sidewalk Skyline Podcast
61 min2020 AUG 1
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I first heard of Kevin Makins through my friend Rielly McLaren. He told me about his college friend that was planting a cool church in Hamilton. I next heard of Kevin as a guest on New Leaf Network podcast where he talked about his ‘Holy Shift’ tour, as he and some of his friends cycled to bars to do stand-up comedy, have conversations about Jesus and have one of his friends perform music on a bicycle. I was not surprised when we first met at Eucharist Church and he showed up on a one-wheel motorized skateboard.
So when the opportunity to read his book and interview him for my podcast came up, I knew that this would be time well spent. So, let me share my thoughts on Kevin and his book ‘Why Would Anyone Go To Church?’
First of all, there was no stalling out as I read through 150,000 words. You know how you can get bogged down finishing a read? You keep reading because you hope that something profound or insightful is coming and when it does not, you stick a marker in the page and say, “I’ll come back to it.” This was one of the gems that I could not put down. I did not find my mind wandering to other things or set it aside for a nap.
Secondly, Kevin is a brilliant communicator with a mix of bratty wit and humble confession of his weakness and mistakes. Now, stir in some deeply profound theological reflection and you have a book that gives great insight into a millennial leader that believes in Jesus and the Church he is building.
My third observation is that Kevin is as sincere as he is experimental in hacking liturgy to find relevance and meaning for the urban neighbours he cares deeply for. Anything edgy that Kevin does is deeply rooted in a theological sweet spot. Ten years ago he planted Eucharist Church in downtown Hamilton and the book chronicles how a 23-year-old wrestled through the dynamic tensions of his Lutheran (Missouri Synod) childhood, youth group conversion and choice to become church in one of Hamilton’s toughest neighbourhoods.
Possibly I was riveted to his story because of my own youthful church planting experience and the reckless sincerity that took me there in the first place.
Finally, the book asks a really great question and draws the reader into the possibility that being part of Jesus’ church may be exactly what our world is missing.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Books in exchange for an honest review. Available through major book sources."